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Asher's Academy
[Vocation, Training & Finishing School]

Academic Calendar [First Quarter]:

Janaury Classes

17th and 18th January, 2018 :- Preservation of Tomatoes.
25th January, 2018:- Seminar.
30th 31st January, 2018:- Registration.

February Classes

1st February, 2018 :- Registration.
6th 8th February, 2018:- Introduction.
13th 15th February, 2018:- Breakfast Preparation.
20th 21st February, 2018:- Introduction to Oriental Cuisines.
22nd February, 2018 :- Seminar.
27th 1st March, 2018 :- Oriental, Continental, Mediterranean Dish.

March Classes

6th 8th March, 2018:- Oriental, Continental, Mediterranean Dish.
13th 15th March, 2018:- Pastry Theory.
20th 22nd March, 2018:- Pastry Practical.
27th 28th March, 2018:- Small Chops.
29th March, 2018:- Seminar.

April Classes

3rd 5th April, 2018:- Cocktail Drinks.
10th 25th April, 2018:- Cake Production and Decoration.
26th April, 2018:- Seminar.
27th April, 2018:- Exam and Collection of Certificate.